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Attack surface monitoring is the process of continuously scanning and testing your external systems for exploitable weaknesses.

Gain the visibility needed to understand your external footprint, reduce exposures, and remediate critical exploitable vulnerabilities. The best defense is one with a continuous offense.

An ElasticSearch instance open to the internet.


Once a normal baseline of your environment is created, DomainGuard is able to identify new and unusual exposures on your external perimeter.

Eliminate Uncertainty

By continuously monitoring your external perimeter, you can see what the attackers see and you can take steps in reducing your attack surface.

How It Works


Your attack surface is a moving target. As your business expands and contracts, so does your technology landscape.

Whether you are spinning up a new system for testing purposes, divesting a business unit or service line, making a significant change to your production systems, or an unauthorized change has occured, your business needs to remain breach resilient.

The following steps will help you reduce your attack surface:

  • Discovery of your brands, domains, subdomains, networks, applications, and services.
  • Analysis of externally facing systems, applications, and services. Visualize both your known and "unknown" attack surface and remove "risky" and "unused" ports and services.
  • Triage vulnerability indicators and evaluate the probability of exploitation.
  • Validate the severity of discovered vulnerabilities with exploitation.
  • Re-test exploitable vulnerabilities to confirm the risk has been fixed or mitigated.

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