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Domain Monitoring is the process of scanning public domain data sources, in order to identify similar looking domains.

Assuming a domain is available, anyone can register a look-alike domain targeting any institution with ease. Some individuals go as far as to track expiring domains in order to scoop up the newly expired domains as soon as they become available.

Lookalike domains for

Lookalike Domain Risks

DomainGuard scans and ingests data from various public and private data sources to identify lookalike domains.

Lookalike domains are used by attackers to target your employees or your customers. Employees are tricked into entering fake company portals using their company credentials while customers are tricked into submitting personal financial information when visiting a site such as a fake banking site or a fake online retail store.


By tracking lookalike domains from their inception, DomainGuard takes a proactive approach to phishing and fraud prevention. DomainGuard regularly identifies phishing sites and infrastructure before the cyber-criminals have begun their attack.


Our Technology.

Continuous data harvesting and analysis algorithms pinpoint real threats to your domain, reducing the time wasted on chasing down non-threats.

Our Approach.

While our technology does the heavy-lifting deep analysis, we will always use human intelligence for final analysis and determination of threats to your organization.

Our Mission.

Help defend your organization and customers from cyber criminals and making the internet a safer place to conduct business.

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