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Brand Monitoring is the process of scanning the internet for any artifacts related to your company's brand.

These artifacts could be logos, images, social media accounts, app store applications, or even mentions of your organization on the dark web or other adverserial forums.

Fraudulent site used to trick customers of a popular bank.

Cybersecurity &

DomainGuard's brand protection operates at the intersection of cybersecurity and legal. Using our platform, you can set notifications specific to business units within your organization.

Your security team can be alerted of phishing threats while your legal team can be alerted when we identify brand infringement.


By recognizing your logos using computer vision, DomainGuard is able to quickly identify artifacts relevant to your brand, in the sea of data that is the internet.

Social Media

Fraudsters use bots and fake followers to age social media accounts which are then used in impersonation attacks against reputable brands.

App Stores

Scammers create malicious applications and use clever tactics to trick users into downloading and installing the malicious applications.

Dark Web,
Adverserial Forums

Credit card numbers, password dumps, internal network access, and much more is sold on dark web sites and related forums.

Vendor Services

DomainGuard tests your known external vendors and checks for common vendor vulnerabilities such as subdomain takeover.


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