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DomainGuard's monitoring solution is trusted by established brands with a combined total apex domain count of over 390 approved domains.

Proactive monitoring allows you to be the first to identify and take action against threats before they can be used to negatively impact your employees, customers, and, ultimately, your business.


We guard your domain.
So you don't have to.

Your domain is everything related to your organization's name, brand, and technical infrastructure that an attacker can abuse.

We continously monitor for threats against your domain and provide actionable intelligence to proactively safeguard your business.

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What Are People Saying?

Problems and Challenges

Lack of Threat Visibility

Organizations are plagued with an infinite number of cyber threats:

  • Targeted Phishing
  • Business and Employee Impersonation
  • Business Email Compromise
  • Technical Debt
  • Shadow IT
  • Forgotten Assets
  • Insecure Web Applications
  • Ransomware

As organizations grow, their speed to the market often leads to visibility gaps in the protection of their business, employees, customers, and assets.

Fraud Targeting Customers

Cyber criminals are not just targeting your employees, they are increasingly targeting your existing and non-existing customers in phishing attacks impersonating your brand.

Operational and Reputational Risk

Phishing and technological threats continue to be the easiest entryway into your organization.

Once you are breached, attackers move quickly to exfiltrate critical data to sell on dark web marketplaces or hold for ransom, halting business operations and damaging your reputation in the process.

Demand For Talent

There is currently a shortage of talented cybersecurity professionals in the industry and threat actors are taking advantage of this limitation.


Proactive Monitoring Protection

Our technology allows you to take a proactive approach to security monitoring and identify threats before they strike your network.

Fully Managed Service

Let us discover and take action against your threats while we keep you informed.


DomainGuard offers a high quality security solution at an affordable price. Being secure shouldn't break the bank.

Workflow Management

DomainGuard's intuitive platform allows you to easily track emerging threats and gain visibility into the remediation process.


How we Discover Threats and Guard your Domain.

What is your Domain?

Your domain is everything related to your organization's name, brand, and technical infrastructure that an attacker can abuse.

Week One Domain Threat Assessment
Visualize real threats impacting your organization. Examples of threats include:
  • Phishing Sites
  • Brand Infringement
  • Forgotten Assets on the Internet
  • Insecure Web Applications
Week Two Scope and Tuning

Baseline what is normal for your environment.

Approve domains, subdomains, and other assets belonging to your organization.

Week Three Begin Monitoring

DomainGuard begins 24/7 continuous monitoring to identify threats to your domain.

Start receiving alerts as threats are identified.

Week Four Guardian Services

Activate DomainGuard's Supplemental Services:

Kick Back and Relax

DomainGuard is a fully managed service, so kick back and relax as we continuously monitor threats against your organization.

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Use Cases & Case Study

Read about real-world examples of how DomainGuard's Threat Visibility Platform helped other organizations.

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Our goal is to help organizations become more proactive at stopping threats at inception. Learn how to gain insight into the unknown threats planning to attack your business.

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