What is DomainGuard

We guard your domain.
So you don't have to.

Your domain is everything related to your organization's name and brand, that can be abused by an attacker.

DomainGuard continously monitors public data sources to detect and takedown threats to your organization's domain.

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Proactive Phishing and Fraud Prevention

DomainGuard was designed by security professionals to be used by security professionals. Our platform allows you to detect and takedown phishing and fraudulent sites and campaigns.

  • 24/7 Continuous Domain Monitoring
  • Automatic Takedowns
  • Tailored Phishing Simulations
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Malist Threat Feed
  • API Integrations

Why We're Different.


Security First

DomainGuard's leadership has nearly two decades of combined technical security experience.


Certified Experts

Our employees hold industry standard certifications and are based entirely out of the United States.


Intuitive Platform

An intuitive platform built by security experts, for security experts. No false positives, No alert fatigue.

Problems and Challenges

Below are some of the challenges organizations face related to domain monitoring and phishing prevention.

Phishing on the rise

We've seen an increase in phishing attacks in recent years, specifically targeting smaller and medium sized companies. These attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.

  • Threat actors impersonate your domains and let them age.
  • Threat actors hide behind parked domains, giving the impression that the domain is benign.
  • Organizations react to phishing when it's already too late.

Expensive solutions

Cybersecurity is currently a hot industry and as a result many products and services charge a premium. These fees can make it difficult to justify a necessary protection, such as domain monitoring.

Demand for talent

There is currently a shortage of talented cybersecurity professionals in the industry.

Overwhelmed Staff

Handling a few takedowns here and there is manageable, but as this volume increases, your team can become inundated chasing takedowns and managing the takedown request workflow.


Proactive Phishing Protection

Our technology allows you to take a proactive approach to phishing and identify threats before they strike your network.

Fully Managed Service

Phishing and Fraud prevention is our specialty, so let us handle the detection and takedown, and we'll inform you as sites are taken down.


DomainGuard offers a high quality security solution at an affordable price. Being secure shouldn't break the bank.

Takedown Workflow

DomainGuard's intuitive platform allows you to easily track the takedown process from initial domain identification to a confirmed takedown.



DomainGuard's leadership team has nearly two decades of combined technical security experience.

From building out red teams used to break into America's most secure organizations to building highly scalable detection solutions.

Erkin Djindjiev
Founder & CEO
Michael Sviben
Cofounder & COO

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Below we’ve answered questions we commonly receive. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

How do we prevent phishing and fraud?
Phishing and fraud is largely conducted by misappropriating your branding to appear as a trusted site. Anytime DomainGuard detects an artifact related to your brand, we begin monitoring and wait for malicious activity. As soon as our monitored sites display malicious intent, we issue take down requests, limiting the sites impact to your employees or customers, and therefore preventing their phishing attack or fraud campaign.

Brand impersonation is any misappropriation or unauthorized use of your organization's branding. This could be traditional phishing by cloning your company's main site, registering domains that look similar to your organization's domains. We've even seen legitimate banking sites cloned and logo altered to be used as a template for fake banking sites.

Does DomainGuard actively scan our domains?

DomainGuard monitors passive data sources for information relevant to your domain. We do not scan your domains or perform any intrusive testing against your organization.

DomainGuard provides exports of indicators such as domain names and IP addresses that can be easily imported into other security solutions. For more on this, check out our API Integration page.

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