DomainGuard Background

DomainGuard was founded by technical security professionals who identified a gap in how organizations are protecting and monitoring their external presence, specifically their publicly-facing domains.

With DomainGuard, you'll have peace of mind that your organization is being protected against phishing attacks and brand contention. Our tool protects your organization against hackers who are planning a phishing attack or are impersonating your brand.

DomainGuard protects your domains with Proactive Phishing Protection as opposed to Reactive Phishing Protection.

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Key features of DomainGuard

Proactive Phishing Protection

With DomainGuard, you can stop phishing attacks before they manifest.

Brand Impersonation

DomainGuard monitors impersonation attempts against your brand.

Expert Monitoring

Our team of certified security professionals monitor all results, and they do a damn good job.

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Why DomainGuard?

After years of working at the intersection of software development and offensive security, our founders set out to build a solution to detect and prevent the same tactics they utilized when trying to break into America's most secure organizations. Our founding team is made up of industry certified cybersecurity professionals with years of experience in both penetration testing and software development. DomainGuard is a security first organization that prides itself in cutting edge technical capabilities.

What we aren't, is a growth-oriented, venture-capital funded startup whose leadership team lacks any relevant cybersecurity experience. When you work with us, you'll be working with high integrity security professionals with years of practical experience both breaking in, and helping secure organizations. Our primary goal is, and always will be: go above and beyond to keep your organization secure.


DomainGuard is regularly the first security vendor to report on the threats we identify. Our combination of automated statistical and human analysis results in high accuracy takedowns with no false positives. As a result of our high integrity findings, registrars and hosting providers are quick to takedown sites we report, sometimes within minutes.


We track and categorize threats in Malist, our threat tracking system. All clients can opt-in to Malist and receive indicators of all threats identified by DomainGuard. Empower your existing solutions with Malist.


We practice what we preach from a security standpoint and have built a secure solution that protects your Domain data. Our applications adhere to security best practices and are regularly tested by certified penetration testers.

Problems and Challenges

Below are some of the challenges organizations face related to domain monitoring and phishing prevention.

Phishing on the rise

We've seen an increase in phishing attacks in recent years, specifically targeting smaller and medium sized companies. These attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.

  • Threat actors impersonate your domains and let them age.
  • Threat actors hide behind parked domains, giving the impression that the domain is benign.
  • Organizations react to phishing when it's already too late.

Expensive solutions

Cybersecurity is currently a hot industry and as a result many products and services charge a premium. These fees can make it difficult to justify a necessary protection, such as domain monitoring.

Sea of data

There's an overwhelming amount of information at our disposal in today's world. Hackers take advantage of this and hide behind the sea of noise.

Demand for talent

There is currently a shortage of talented cybersecurity professionals in the industry.


Proactive Phishing Protection

Our technology allows you to take a proactive approach to phishing and identify threats before they strike your network.

Security Talent

Our company is run by cybersecurity professionals who hold multiple industry standard certifications. Let us be your trusted security advisor.


DomainGuard offers a high quality security solution at an affordable price. Being secure shouldn't break the bank.

Focused Data

DomainGuard sifts through the sea of data and identifies only relevant security data resulting in actionable output.


Below we’ve answered questions we commonly receive. If you have any other questions, please get in touch via email.

What is Proactive Phishing Protection?

Proactive Phishing Protection means we identify phishing threats as domains are registered or updated. We identify threats as suspicious and continuously monitor until we identify a threat. This allows you to block a phishing site as it's being developed before the email ever reaches your organization.

Let's say you own (plural) and someone else registers (singular); depending on your organization, this may be of interest to you.

Does DomainGuard actively scan our domains?

DomainGuard monitors passive data sources for information relevant to your domain. We do not scan your domains or perform any intrusive testing against your organization.

DomainGuard provides exports of indicators such as domain names and IP addresses that can be easily imported into other security solutions.

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